What to bring?

  • a headlamp or torch
    To find your way to the bathrooms during ceremonies and find your way back to your cabin. There is no electricity in DAS center.
  • a bottle for water
    All drinking water in DAS is purified. We ask you to bring a bottle (preferably reusable), that you might use during ceremonies.
  • a hat
    It will protect your head from sun (important if you wear a very short haircut), and rain.
  • mosquito repelent (organic recommended)
    There’s not a lot of mosquitos in DAS center (more during the rain season), but we recommend the use of mosquito repelent for the jungle walks.
  • swimwear for the flower baths and swimming
    Before every ceremony, Percy wold give you a flower bath at the stream that flows through the center (our temple is build above that stream).
  • a journal, music instrument or art supplies for integration of the experience
    Ayahuasca ceremonies inspire your creativity!
  • a camera
    Jungle life in and around DAS is very reach, full of butterflies, bugs, plants, birds ….
  • an inspiring book
    We also have a small library with books in different languagues.
  • a pair of sandals
    Center DAS is safe area, where you may walk with sandals (or without shoes if you prefer, but we recommend sandals).
  • short sleeve shirts and pants for warm weather
    During warm weather, there are almost no mosquitos.
  • long sleeve shirts and pants for a bit colder weather
    Long sleeves are very useful when the weather is colder, usually after rain. They’ll also protect you against mosquitos on your jungle walks.
  • toiletries (organic recommended)
    Please help us contribute to the conservation of the jungle and if possible, bring organic toiletries.
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