We receive many questions about using medications while doing the Dieta.

Combination of some medication and Ayhauasca can be particularly dangerous and can be potentially fatal.

To find out if any of medication you are taking is contraindicated with Ayahuasca, please check this link to Ayahuasca Forums.

Percy would never ask you to stop taking any medication or medicine, he is not qualified for that. You’ll need to take your own informed decisions and personal responisbility. In case of any doubt, please consult with your medical doctor.

Please don’t forget to bring with you all the medications that is OK and that you need. If you need your medicine, please do not stop taking it when you come to the center. Percy might be able to offer his point of view (also before your arrival), based on the individual’s state of health and healing process.

Many people ask us if they need to take the anti-malaria pills. We cannot offer any opinion on that, but again it has to be a personal decision.

Malaria is mostly erradicated from the city Iquitos. No one ever got it while staying in the center, same goes for dengue. But search for more information if you plan to visit other parts of the the jungle. If you plan to take antibiotics or the anti-malaria pills, please leave at least 3 days between the last take and the first ceremony.

Combination of most street drugs and Ayahuasca is very dangerous and potentially life-threatening. No street drugs or alcohol are allowed in the center. If we suspect that such drugs or alcohol have been taken immediately prior to arrival, we reserve the right to refuse admission to the center.

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