David, USA

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Apr 162018

I recently visited the DAS healing center for a one-week stay and it was a very positive, uplifting and healing experience. I have sat in ceremony with many Ayahuasca medicine healers over the years, and hold Percy in very high regard. It is clear that Percy is highly experienced with the Ayahuasca healing work. He also […]

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Mira, Slovenia

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Apr 092018

Ha sido una experiencia muy especial, bonita y llena de amor. Gracias Percy, siempre esta en mi Corazon. Tambien gracias a Jose y a todo de equipo de DAS.   Hasta la proxima.

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Mike, USA

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Apr 092018

Here at DAS was an amazing experience and journey.  I came here with a lot of questions. Some were answered some not. Percy is a great person and everyone is great here. I will be returning to DAS.

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Alan, USA

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Apr 092018

This week has been a unique experience. I don’t think I found many answers, nor was it life changing for me. I suppose I will continue searching. The staff here was very hospitable and Percy has been a kind man and serious about his work.

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Sara, Canada

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Apr 092018

I asked ayahuasca to help me let go. I feel very relaxed now. I trailed back into my journey. I understand now that this was a process and in the end I got exactly what I needed. I understand so much now an continue to contemplate all that is. The main thing I know now […]

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Matjaž, Slovenia

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Apr 092018

There are no words to explain. I’m forever in debt. It was my 23 ceremony and it changed my life. I could put out my regrets, guilts, … I found myself again thanks to ayahuasca (the mother) and Percy. He is definitely the 1 and only illuminated person I have met.

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Dustin, USA

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Apr 092018

My experience and journey here is one I will always remember. Percy is a great and powerful healer. I will definitely return to DAS in the future.

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R. W., Germany

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Jan 012015

We wanna thank Percy and the crew for this extraordinary and wonderful experience! We are a couple entering the center without any expectations, let’s say almost blind, and leaving DAS renewed and full of conscienceness. Hawing received our individual healing, we also got answers to our personal questions concerning our life! Now, our spiritual journey […]

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Kassandra, Canada

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Jan 012015

Thank you to everyone at DAS healing center for this truly healing experience. I feel so blessed to have met our mother and reconnect with my true spirit. The medicine was very loving and gentle and successful in showing me the simplicity of everything I needed to know – which is to enjoy this life […]

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L.R., Canada

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Dec 312014

Thank you so much Percy, Josue and the wonderful staff at DAS for saving my life, for healing, protection and showing me so much love and affection during my stay. I’m forever in debt! I stayed at DAS for a little over two weeks, participated in 8 ceremonies. I had done 24 ceremonies prior to […]

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