Why Dieta


When body is clean, a deeper experience of the plant spirit becomes possible. Dietero may learn more about the essence of the plant, its healing properties, and he/she creates alliances with the plant spirit. The connection may happen during dreams, “waking dreams”, or visions. Without Dieta, there are no healing functions of the ayahuasca medicine, ayahuasca experiences become purely visionary experiences. This is a point that a lot of Western people who come to experience the Medicine do not understand fully. Ayahuasca is not only visions or a psychedelic experience. It is a HEALING journey, during which the rules of the Dieta need to be respected strictly. Breaking Dieta is breaking the healing process.

The healer receives all his/her healing energy through his/her Dietas. Without the Dieta, there is no integration of the power of the plants spirits in their heart. Dieta rules are very delicate and very firm. When a healer doesn´t diet as he/she should, the healing power will not last long and often the medicine can confuse him/her.

In the Spiritual Healing Center Dios Ayahuasca Sanaciones (DAS), healing is the only focus of our work. The Dieta rules are an essential part of it, and are strictly respected. All the participants will receive dieta food, effective medicine and the best of our efforts. The work of Percy Garcia Lozano is distinguished by his professional ethics, his respect to the patient, the discipline in his personal diets and the effectiveness of the healing.

Please read more about healing proces on About/About healing with Ayahuasca

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