Types of Dieta


The shamanic “Dieta”, in the context of the Amazonian Curanderismo, is a process of physical, emotional and spiritual cleansing in which the connection with the spiritual world is pursued for diverse reasons such as learning, healing and guidance. During the Dieta perception channels are opened, and a more direct communication with the spirits of the plants is obtained. The Dietas vary from healer to healer because each received their own methods in the spiritual world, but would generally vary in small details. The Dieta is essential for all types of learning or healing with the help of spirits. The plants have certain healing qualities, and if the patient diets them, their healing power is maximized, and there will be deep, powerful and long term results. The healer that diets his medicines will understand their properties, and will be able to work with the spirit of that plant (Mother).

The Dieta done in the Spiritual Healing Center Dios Ayahuasca Sanaciones (DAS) is the Dieta that Percy Garcia Lozano has learned from his spiritual teachers during his years of learning.

The Dietas are not rigid, they may be specific for each participant according to their personal needs. There are different types of Dietas, they depend on the intention, strength and determination of the participant. They vary in the type of food and the duration. For example, there may be Dietas in which only farina (native cereal) and water is consumed. In other, less strong Dietas, it is allowed to eat diverse natural foods without condiments or salt. These restrictions in the alimentation allow the organism to open to a more direct contact and experience of the spiritual world. During the Dieta, the person is in total isolation and in a state of constant meditation, drinking a medicine prepared according to their personal needs. In most cases the process starts with a cleansing Dieta to purify the body.

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