Role of Curandero


During Dieta, Curandero (Percy) becomes an intermediary and a protector in the physical and also in the spiritual world. The power he obtained during the years of his own Dietas, will be transmitted to dietero.

To have a healing and positive experience during the Dieta, safe and nurturing space is very important. Dietero will have to focus all the energy and attention to the personal process, which would include being in some type of altered state of consciousness for the majority of time. The protection is not only centered in the physical space (physical and emotional security, etc.) but, more important, would focus on the security of the spirit. For this type of a deep spiritual work, safety and protection are essential. Any kind of close or intimate approach / contact during Dieta is strictly forbidden. The guests in DAS center are safe an protected against any intent of breaking any boundary.

The role of the healer is not limited only to providing the security, he becomes a guide and an intermediary between the dietero and the plant spirits. During the Dieta process, dietero will participate in 3 Ayahuasca ceremonies each week to deepen the learning and healing process. Experiences of the Ayahuasca ceremony while dieting are completely different and much more positive. The person no longer purges so much and a stronger connection with the Ayahauasca spirit is obtained. Through Dieta, dietero would gain enough strength to control the power of the medicine and to increase the healing potential.

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