DAS Team

Meet our healers and consultant.

Maestro Percy Garcia

Master healer, proprietor of DAS

I was born in the community of Aucayo, located 2 hours from Iquitos. From the age of 10, I learned my knowledge in curanderismo from my grandfather and teacher Enrique Garcia Mozombite, inheriting his knowledge and tradition. Since the beginning of my journey, I have respected very strictly my dietas and my ethics as a healer, by which I have been able to make a direct connection with my spiritual doctors. My code of ethics towards my participants and in my life may be summarized in 3 points: 1.- respect for the participant. 2.- respect for God, Mother Ayahuasca and  Mother Nature. 3.- respect for dietas.

The focus and intention of my work is not only to produce visions, but to provide healing and the integration of the participants with the spiritual world. This helps them find physical health, peace, and harmony in their personal lives. My medicine Ayahuasca is prepared with different plants to treat several illnesses under the direct supervision and request of my spiritual doctors.

My role in healing is to be an intermediary of a divine healing: God, Mother Ayahuasca, Nature and my spiritual doctors; they are the healers that are expressed through my humble work. Now I am also fulfilling a very important role: passing my experiences and knowledge of traditional natural medicine to my students.

Maestra Erika Oblak

Healer, translator

Erika has over ten years experineces working with ayahuasca. She first traveled to Peru in 2006, where ayahuasca crossed her path. Since then, she has been studying the teachings of the Amazonian plant kingdom and dieting various plants. After a time she found her way to Percy Garcia, who became her teacher. Erika has been leading her own ceremonies since 2012. Percy passed on to her his respect for dietas and for Mother Nature. Her primary aim is to ensure a safe space (during and outside of ceremony) in which participants are able to heal themselves with the support of Mother Ayahuasca and other spiritual doctors.

From September 2018 Erika is in DAS permanently. She is the author of the book The Time Is Now: The Teachings of Ayahuasca published under her pen name.

Erika speaks four languages: Slovenian, English, Spanish and Serbian.


Mina Pas

Consultant, psychotherapist

Mina is a psychotherapist and a M.D. (medical doctor). She is a IIPA (International Association for Integrative Psychotherapy) certified integrative psychotherapist. She is one of the founders of Rabbit Hole Institute for psychotherapy and research of the healing potential of altered states of consciousness, where she works as psychotherapist. In 2015 its researchers completed a study on the healing potential of ayahuasca, evaluating the influence of ayahuasca use on psychopathology and general well being of the participants.

We consult with Mina during our inquiries about your health status and potential risks. We may also provide a contact with her in case you may need any help integrating your experiences upon your return home. She is not resident in Peru and is available for consultations on Skype.

Mina speaks Slovenian and English.