David, USA

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Apr 162018

I recently visited the DAS healing center for a one-week stay and it was a very positive, uplifting and healing experience. I have sat in ceremony with many Ayahuasca medicine healers over the years, and hold Percy in very high regard. It is clear that Percy is highly experienced with the Ayahuasca healing work. He also […]

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Mike, USA

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Apr 092018

Here at DAS was an amazing experience and journey.  I came here with a lot of questions. Some were answered some not. Percy is a great person and everyone is great here. I will be returning to DAS.

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Alan, USA

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Apr 092018

This week has been a unique experience. I don’t think I found many answers, nor was it life changing for me. I suppose I will continue searching. The staff here was very hospitable and Percy has been a kind man and serious about his work.

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Dustin, USA

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Apr 092018

My experience and journey here is one I will always remember. Percy is a great and powerful healer. I will definitely return to DAS in the future.

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Dec 312014

I stayed at DAS for one night, and truly hope to come back for a longer stay soon. Percy does amazing work, and he provides a safe and welcoming environment for those who wish to learn through his medicine. I did a week long dieta before arriving, and feel that this had a terrific effect […]

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Nic, USA

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Aug 272014

I spent 15 days at the DAS center, ending about a month ago. I had participated in six ceremonies led by Percy. I had found it difficult to find the right person to do ceremonies with, who is focused on healing, powerful and full of integrity. I was led to Percy and am so glad […]

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Ryan, USA

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Jul 272014

I came to Percy to try Ayahuasca without any exact intentions of what I was looking for. As I was looking for many things, I did not come necessarily gor healing but for understanding and knowledge of this confusing universe. Ayahuasca did help me in some ways but you cannot reach everything you seek, all […]

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Karyn, USA

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Jul 272014

I have been coming to Percy’s for over 3 years now. His medicine is pure and has been very healing for me. His staff always helps out when you need anything and the setting is perfect for inner work, reflection and healing. I recommend DAS center and hope in future to have been able to […]

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Paul, USA

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Jul 272014

This was my 3rd time at the center, and I will be coming back in the future. The healing here is deep and the medicine is strong! Once again, Ayahuasca is teaching me about letting go … letting go of fear. Psychotherapy could not accomplish in one lifetime what this medicine accomplishes in a week, […]

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Jeremiah, USA

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Jul 222014

This was a life changing experience for me and the first steps towards healing. I came to the center because I suffer from ulcerative colitis. I learned a great deal about myself and gained a much vivid understanding about how all things in nature are connected. I highly reccomend this to anyone and everyone that […]

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