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Feb 162014

I just spent one night at the DAS centre as my travel budget would not allow for a longer stay. The ceremony was a very interesting experience for me. Having spoken with Percy about my intentions for the ceremony, he explained to me that Ayahuasca cleansing is a process that the first time it’s about […]

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Mar 242013

” DARE TO BE DIFFERENT  ” Release: -sadness -betrayal -pain -historic events -scared   Became: -taught! -strenght! -dignified! -love, love, love !! -happy! -smiling! -grateful for my life ! -creative! To anyone who want to go through the cycle of  “Ayahuasca”, be prepared to face all you need to face. My two weeks “JOURNEY” was […]

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Jeronimo Gomez, Everywhere

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Jun 262011

WOW! Thank you Ayahuasca, Percy, Erika, … Thank you Universe, God, All plant spirits, … Absolutely no words can describe just a feeling of wholeness and unity with all. Now I can really start to live. Many blessings, love and light Jeronimo Gomez

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May 232011

I’ve been in Peru dieting for over a month now with a few other people. Percy was my last diet and I wish I come here earlier. What a blessing to find someone that works with the medicine and walks with such humbleness and integrity, honor and respect. The environment here is so supported for […]

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David Galeano

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Jan 172011

Percy, quisiera desearte mucha suerte con tus asuntos, pero mas que todo darte las gracias por todo! Desde el comienzo nos recibistes con brazos abiertos y listo para darnos lo que este sitio ofrece. Los muchachos tambien nos hicieron sentir como en casa. Tuve una experencia linda con ayahuasca que nunca olvidare. David Galeano

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Dianna Rendon

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Jan 172011

Percy, quiero agradecerle la oportunidad que nos dio de conocerlo y vivir muestras lindas experencias. Me voy aqui con el alma en paz. Tenia muchas preguntas y me hubiera gustado hablar con usted pero hoy me voy con muchas respuestas, una mision, y felicidad. Le deseo lo mejor y lo tendre en mis oraciones. Le […]

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Rod Ruiz

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Jan 172011

Percy, I would like to thank you for all your hospitality and care you gave to me while here for the last 6 days. I really felt at peace while working on my happyness and enjoying this beautiful land of yours. You have a great heart. Best of everything to you and your family Your […]

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John Giraldo

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Jan 172011

Percy, te doy gracias por ser el instrumento de Dio para ayudar a la gente a ver su propia luz. Te cierto que finalmente Madre ayahuasca me a dado lo que vine a buscar. Cuidate mucho y no pierdas lo fe que todo estara bien con tu centro. Dios esta con nosotros en todo momento […]

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Justin Levy

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Jan 172011

Thank you Percy, for your kindness, and strength. I wish you the best of luck with your place. Por favor me llame o me envia email si necessita ayuda. Muchas gracias Justin Levy

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Hilary Downes

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Jan 172011

My experience here was a perfect introduction to the sacred plant and healing capacity of the natural world in general. I am grateful to have found Percy and all the other compassionate spirits he attracts. Many thanks Hilary Downes

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