John, UK

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Jul 282014

This has been an absolutely transformative two weeks. What you can accomplish here is nothing short of miraculous. Percy is a great shaman, guide friend, he does everything to make your stay at DAS conclusive to insight, healing understanding. The work is often not for the faint hoasted and the work that the staff do, […]

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Paul, UK

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Jul 262014

What an experience. I am learning, feeling physically, spiritually and emotionally. It has been a beautiful learnig experience for me I, like many, had considered the plant an LSD type trip, which is taken for pleasure while this experience is far from it. Here I have purged my body from all artificial alcohol and urban […]

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John, UK

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Jul 222014

Too incredible to put into words. Genuinly a life-changing experience. Thank you to Percy, Joell, Matilde and all of the wonderful DAS staff.

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C.K., UK

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Apr 212014

I have found all of the answers I was looking for, I now feel I know the answer before I know the question. This is the purest place I’ve ever experienced, and I feel so pure. My love for Z. is so strong and pure and we will continue to spread this light.

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Z.W., UK

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Apr 212014

My time at DAS healing centre was truly profound, loving healing, beautiful and amazing. All stress and tension has left my body and all of my cells feel so alive and revitalised. I have gained such a deep spiritual connection here taking it to a new level I can only describe as aew inspiring. It […]

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D.G., UK

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Mar 312014

What a fantastic and memorable experience. I leave here feeling rejuvenated and ready for the next chapter of my wonderful life. Thank you to Percy, Raul and all the staff who were so kind and helpful. Lots of love to all including my lovely neighbors who joined me in this experience.

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V, Malaysia / UK

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Mar 272014

I really had a beautiful and amazing experiences at DAS center. Made me realize lots of things in life and also made me very close to the mother nature (earth). DAS is an excellent center with warm and friendly people around. Thank you very much for all the support given by Percy and his people

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M, Malaysia / UK

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Mar 272014

I had a wonderful time at DAS center. I learned many things and acquired mass amount of knowledge. This center is very positive and I have learned about self-awareness. Percy is an amazing shaman. He guided me throughout the wild sessions. If you are looking to find out about your inner self, than this is […]

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James, UK

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Feb 222014

The DAS centre is beautiful, friendly and serene. I  felt very welcomed here, and the living quarters are comfortable. I have had the opportunity to relax and slow down and I leave feeling refreshed. Percy is very calm and caring and his temperament has facilitated the experience. My experiences with Ayahuasca have been fulfilling. The […]

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Josh, UK

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Feb 212014

I had a very positive experience at DAS. I had intended  to drink at three ceremonies, but only stayed for two as I felt I had received everything I was looking for. Percy’s brew has given me renewed vitality, peace of mind and curiosity for the word, and a I will carry this with me […]

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