Dasne, Turquia

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Feb 192014

08. October 2013 La  Ayahuasca me ha hecho ver todos mis temores los cuales estaban danando a mi familia y sobre todo a mi unica hija. Ahora, tengo la oportunidad de comenzar una nueva vida sin dudas ni temores. Gracias Madre Ayahuasca Gracias Percy Gracias  Raul Siempre estaran en mi corazon.

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Baha, Turkey

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May 232011

11/5/2011   Thank you for the start long intense experience… As a person who can’t concentrate easily, I see experience ayahuasca with Percy was a good decision for me. Thanks to Percy, Karoll, and everyone around us who make it easy. Baha Turkey bahadirfenerci(at)gmail.com

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Dilek Uner Fenerci, Turkey

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May 232011

11/5/2011   A dream come true. I finally met Pachamama in her home. I feel so blessed to be here. I am so grateful for every minute I’ve been here. I feel welcomed. The medicine is so powerful, so strong… I trust the process and I with all my heart believe healing is on the […]

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Levent Kartal, Turkey

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May 162011

21/4/2011   I would like to thank Percy, Karoll and all the staff in Dios Ayahuasca Sanaciones for creating a perfect setting for the Ayahuasca journey. Percy’s medicine and icaros are powerful. The staff very kind and helpful. If our world will experience lasting peace and unity among nations it will be with the help […]

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Banu Altuz, Turkey

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May 162011

9/4/2001 So greatful to mother Ayahuasca! So blessful to be here and being joined the 3 ceremonies with Percy and the great spirit. Mother Ayahuasca gave me strength, love light and compassion and I know deeply in my heart that she’ll be guiding me now and always to this beautiful journey at the Mother Earth […]

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Hatice Akyildez, Turkey

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Jan 222011

20 January 2011 I thank you the spirit of mother Ayahuasca, I thank you and love Percy Garcia. I appreciate lovely beauty Erika and thanks for what I sahred. I think in this jungle of Amazonas I become a different vibration. Thank you for everything Hatice Akyildez, Turkey

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Hasan Hulki Altug, Turkey

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Jan 222011

20 January 2011 Firstl I really loved this place’s spirit and this spirit became one with Percy’s energy. There is a soul languague, there is a energy, there is a unconditional love. I met my highest self many many times in Dios Ayahuasca Sanaciones. I love all plants, trees, animals, all spirits of  jungle! I […]

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Emine Attindal, Switzerland, Turkey

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Jan 222011

I want to thank Percy for his powerfull and calming down energy. He’s the perfect guide and medicine man and I really love him so much. Erika become a part of myself. With her beautiful voice, her icaros were full of light and a narigation in the river of Ayahuasca’s flowing rush. I thank her […]

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Mina-Shiva, Switzerland, Turkey

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Jan 222011

I’m 10 and I enjoyed it. It was a good experience for me. It’s very natural but too much for me. I might like it when I grow up though. I am little bit not good with bugs but it worked out. I like the swimming the best. Thank you very much for this 🙂 […]

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