Malin, Sweden

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Jul 232014

28. June 2014 Before my trip to Peru and Percy’s center, I had no prior experience of altening my state of mind. Naturally, I felt apprehensive at first, but Percy and his staff really made me feel safe and taken care of. They have guided me through sessions that will forever change my new life. […]

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Karl, Sweden

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Jul 232014

22 – 28 June 2014 All the staff are wonderful and play an important roll. Thanks all! Highly recomended!

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Daniel, Chile / Sweden

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Feb 212014

Primera noche la Ayahuasca me hizo ver como realmente me sentia por dentro, Mis problemas psicologicos y mi angustia hacia mi y el mundo. Sufri bastante esa noche con gritos y llantos, un semi infierno … El segundo dia fue refleccion y confusion con pesadillas, todo parte de la sanacion El tercer dia llego la […]

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Tomas, Sweden

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Feb 202014

19. -29. October 2103 This was the most important thing I’ve done in my life-time. Mother Ayahuasca showed me who I really am. There is nothing to fear but fear itself. I want to thank all the crew at DAS for their love and support. I hope to come back someday. Much love, Tomas

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L.R., Sweden

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Feb 192014

14. – 19. October 2013 It was my first time taking Ayahuasca and I felt so safe here at DAS. It was far beyond what  I’ve imagined every ceremony  was an unique travel into the spiritual world. Percy made sure that I didn’t experience any negativity even though the first and last ceremony were pretty […]

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Leif, Sweden

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Mar 232013

22. February 2013 This place was just perfect for me at this time. Energy, blockages have been cleared out. Most of them any way. More stable connection to the heart center. I feel I have more strength to make the necessary changes in my life. Leif, Sweden

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P.H, Sweden

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Oct 152012

15. – 27. September2012 What have I learned from my journey to the great Amazons? 1. Let go of the ego 2. We are all connected 3. Apologize and learn to forgive through understanding. 4. We can’t change the past and we are not guaranteed tomorrow so let’s live today. 5. Spread your knowledge to […]

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F.R, Sweden

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Sep 282012

15. September – 27. September 2012 We are in a hurry now trying to add the next line. It has been amazing our journey here. The energy is so powerful. Even before the first ceremony I can feel the presents of the spirits we meet many beautiful and wonderful people here. Me and my friend […]

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Pernilla, Sweden

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Jan 202012

08. January – 16. January 2012 I came to the centre without knowing if I should drink Ayahuasca or not. But as soon as I was here I knew that I wanted take part in the ceremonies I didn’t know what I had to expect. Ayahuasca has shown me beatiful things but also perhaps my […]

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Michael, Sweden

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Jan 202012

08. January – 16. January 2012 Wow, what to write, so much I want to say. First of all, I think this center is a wonderfull place and perfect for working with the medicine. I have had an amazing time even between ceremonies. Thank you Wellington, for the knowledge, jungle trips and laughter! The campsite […]

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