I.W., South Africa

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Jun 242014

I have stayed at the DAS healing center for 3 weeks. I started writing to Percy a few months ago. Being a woman traveling alone to South America, I was very nervous. But I immediately felt a connection with Percy and I felt very comfortable staying at his center. I was even entirely alone for […]

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Jeffrey, USA

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Mar 012014

My time here has been profound and I have many new reference points. I have experienced new levels of letting go, paying attention, and healing. I feel truly blessed to have spent time here … again! The attention to dieta that all who work here keep, is inspiring and I am very grateful for every […]

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C.N., South Africa

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Mar 012014

Feeling very grateful for a wonderful visit to the DAS centre. The staff and other resources have been wonderful. I come to this place of a very difficult time in my personal life (divorce, change of career). The setting has been very conclusive to healing and to giving me perspective on life and the part […]

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R.S., South Africa

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Feb 252014

Thank you Percy, it was a lovely week, you are very calming and all the people at the centre have been so friendly and full of smiles I would definitely recommend staying here. Love.

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M.S., South Africa

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Jul 012011

I have spent much time trying to find words to describe the amazing time I have had here, but words just don’t come close to doing it justice. The love and respect and thankfullness I feel for Percy, Carol and everyone here is so pure and fine that I am brought to tears. Thank you […]

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