Mira, Slovenia

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Apr 092018

Ha sido una experiencia muy especial, bonita y llena de amor. Gracias Percy, siempre esta en mi Corazon. Tambien gracias a Jose y a todo de equipo de DAS.   Hasta la proxima.

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Matjaž, Slovenia

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Apr 092018

There are no words to explain. I’m forever in debt. It was my 23 ceremony and it changed my life. I could put out my regrets, guilts, … I found myself again thanks to ayahuasca (the mother) and Percy. He is definitely the 1 and only illuminated person I have met.

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Ana, Slovenia

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Jul 272014

It is hard to find the words of deep gratitude I have for Percy and his pure, strong, beautiful medicine. In those two weeks of my staying here I was finally born completely. For almost 30 years I pretty much despised life, didn’t want to live it, was afraid to really live it. Thank you […]

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Drago, Slovenia

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Jul 272014

These was my second stay in healing DAS center near Iquitos. I spent nice days here and went through great experience ceremonies leading by shaman – curandero Percy Garcia Lozano. He was tender and powerful at the same time. Proces of healing balanced physical, emotional and mental level of my being as one. Beside the […]

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Martina, Slovenia

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Mar 262014

I also would like to thank Percy and the whole team from the depth of my heart. To Percy especially for his impartial, universal understanding and to Raul who has always been there for me during the ceremonies. I am so grateful for this amazing experience that I can not compare it with no other […]

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Mira, Slovenia

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Mar 262014

I agree with everything Matjaz says. My time spent in the DAS was magical and what I had experienced there was beyond my wildest expectations – beautiful and also tough, but in the end, Percy helped me understand everything. A big ‘thank you’ to Percy, Raul, the rest of the  the DAS crew and a […]

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Matjaz, Slovenia

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Mar 262014

The time spent in the center Das was beyond my personal expectations. I have taken Ayahuasca before but I never went so deep. This time I had experienced things I was never completely sure that even existed. I have met spirits, that invited me into the circle, where music was played and we sang Icaro […]

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Sasho, Slovenia

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Feb 242013

What I received here is far beyond anything I could ever put into words. I had to travel half way around the world to find myself and to figure out that what I really care about the most was right in front of me the whole time. Percy, I am honored and forever gratefull  to […]

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Petra M., Slovenia

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Sep 142011

Being here is a school of life. Se naucis ogromno stvari. Kdo si, kaj si, od kje si, kam gres … Predvsem pa se ti odgrne zavesa in vidis vse tiste stvari, ki vplivajo na tvoje zivljenje, a jih v vsakdanjiku ne opazis, oz. niso vidne. Vesela sem, da sem prisla sem. Dozivela to izkusnjo, […]

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Gasper Lindic, Slovenia

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Aug 092011

Here in DAS I have rested my soul, got better perspecitve on life and filled myself with peace and energy. It is a very peaceful and comfortable place to be in the jungle. I am grateful for having the opportunity to come here and I want to thank Percy and Erika for guiding me trough […]

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