Yulia, Russia

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Feb 182014

Dear Percy I want to thank you from all my heart for creating such a peaceful place! This is my second visit and I’m so happy to be here again. Coming from the city with its dynamic life, it is necessary for me to spend some time in total meditation when I can stop the […]

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Alexey, Russia

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Sep 112012

Unbelievable, great, have no word to express my feelings. Muchas gracias . Alexey, Russia

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Natalie, Russia

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Mar 202012

I had unforgettable fantastic experience here at DAS healing center! I cannot express enough gratitude to Percy and his staff for having my stay here so wonderful. Ayahuasca ceremonies were just magical and this was my first experience with the medicine and boy I’m glad it had to happen here at DAS! My soul, my […]

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Leo Yermakov, Russia (USA)

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Apr 042011

I am Vova’s friend. Everytime I would hear him talk about his view on nature and spirits and worlds beyond ‘ours’, I would think that he spend a little too much time alone. Last year, I went to see a fortune-teller in Asia and he told me about my strong connection to South America. Next […]

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Marina Yermakova, Russia, USA

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Apr 042011

I am very thankful to destiny and Vova for bringing me here. What I saw here helped me to reflect and understand my life and love. I understood how to be myself. Thank you SO much for openin my eyes!!! Marina

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