Marsha, New Zealand

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Sep 252014

Wow ,what a journey!!!! This is my first time with the medicine. I’ve been here for a week now. How I found this place I still don’t know, but I believe that mother Ayahuasca itself found me, brought me here to this center. Percy and his staff are amazing, very gentle loving. Percy’s energy is […]

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Lisa, New Zealand

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Jul 052014

Words cannot express the process I went through here. Connecting with nature, the universe and people has been very profound. It has taken me to another level that I am very grateful for. Thank you to everyone involved -The medicine Oh how you made me see. – Erika For your guidance and translation – the […]

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Mark, New Zealand

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Jun 242014

This was my second visit to DAS and again I had an amazing experience with the medicine. I had been away for a long time, the calling however was very strong and I knew it was my time to come back. Over first ceremonies I was reconnected, then shown many different ways that the medicine […]

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Aaron, New Zealand / Australia

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Mar 032014

As last time I came, Percy and the staff opened up their hearts to a safe and warm experience. Beautiful icaros set the scene for a tranquil experience. Battle with my own thoughts has been a challenge and I have tormented myself as I struggled and learned from my experience. This was my second time […]

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