Yuske, Japan

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Mar 232013

Percy is am excellent spiritual leader. I am impressed with his sincerity, calmness and friendliness. He also took good care of our family during our stay. I wish to note thanks to Erika, who gave us lots of advice, and DAS staff for their patient support. Yuske, Japan

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Chiahi, Japan

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Dec 032011

Gracias!! Muy bien!! Me gusta aqui y gente. Gracias Percy. Chiahi Ami

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Yulia, Japan

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May 032011

Dearest Percy, Erika and all my dear friends! Two weeks spending with you at the DAS centre were the most wonderful, amazing and magical thing that ever happened to me. From the first ceremony I fell for Aya and Percy’s work. And it still lights-up my life here in Japan, especially when the times are […]

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Yulia, Japan

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Jan 172011

Dear Percy, Erika, Carol, seniora Maria Luisa, senior Husier, Welington and Roberto! My dear friends! I’d like to thank you from all my heart for everything you gave me: your love, friendship and care. Everyday I thank Mother Ayahuasca and bless all of you for that wonderful and amazing experience I’ve been trough at the […]

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