Roni, Ireland

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Jul 232014

Thank you God for the beautiful Heaven Matrix which is DAS !! No words could adequately describe this beautiful sanctuary. With deepest love and gratitude to Percy for his beautiful heart and medicine and the space he holds so sacred. What I leave with goes beyond words!!! With love, gratitude to Joel for all his […]

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David, Ireland

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Jul 052014

I have been backpacking around Latin America for exactly nine months today. DAS has been one of my best experiences of the trip. When I first heard about Ayahuasca I wasn’t sure it was for me. But all the travelers I met who had tried it had amazing experiences – many at DAS. Last night […]

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Tomas, Ireland

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Apr 172014

I’m writing this testimony the morning after my last ceremony and I feel that this night be the first real morning of my life. The work at the DAS healing centre is excellently done to accommodate all travellers, from those who know Ayahuasca from before, to first timers. I felt comfortable, relaxed and educated about […]

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A.W., Ireland

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Feb 242014

I visited Percy’s centre last year for 2 weeks and for me it’s the hardest, but ultimately most rewarding, thing that I’ve ever done. I went to the centre having done my research but still not really knowing what to expect. I arrived there nervous, but as soon as I met Percy I immediately felt […]

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Joe, Ireland

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Mar 232013

I am glad I visited the DAS center. It’s been a pretty crazy experience. Ayahuasca is really a powerful experience. It seemed to hit me harder than everyone else. The bits I can remember where very helpful, I feel it has cleared my mind of out of rubbish I had collected over the years. It […]

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S.B., Ireland

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Nov 122012

Thank you Percy. This was a lovely calm place to visit. The ceremonies were lovely as was the flower bath. The food was great . It’s such a lovely safe place to take Ayahuasca. Thanks again S.B., Ireland

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Shane, Ireland

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Sep 172012

The DAS center is a wonderful place and has really helped me on my journey to happiness and fulfillment. First on a practical side, the tranquility is something special, the facilities are excellent (no electricity is a good thing), the food is delicious and the staff are friendly and accommodating. On the spiritual side, simply: […]

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Michael, Ireland

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Mar 112012

Arrived here on the gist of feel from Ireland for 10 day treatment with the intention of maybe studying longer. I feel now though that 10 days has been enough for where I’m at the moment. I didn’t get what I “wanted” from Ayahuasca, but I did get what I needed”, and feel I have […]

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O.D., UK / Ireland

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Feb 082012

I have had an incredible 3 days here. I first heard about Ayahuasca when I read Amazon Beaning about 8 years ago and was fascinated by this ancient ritual. This is my third visit to the Amazon but the first time I have the chance to try it. Originally I was apprehensive as I am […]

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J.A., Ireland

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Aug 182011

… is blessed onto, turned in, spaced in a spiritual way… and if I’m honest, a little relieved. Thank you so much. Loved it. Very grateful for your attention + care in a vulnerable situation, but it was much appreciated. Thank you, blessings and see you soon again, Percy. J.A Ireland

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