R. W., Germany

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Jan 012015

We wanna thank Percy and the crew for this extraordinary and wonderful experience! We are a couple entering the center without any expectations, let’s say almost blind, and leaving DAS renewed and full of conscienceness. Hawing received our individual healing, we also got answers to our personal questions concerning our life! Now, our spiritual journey […]

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Natalie, Germany

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Mar 042014

Oh, it is difficult to find the right words. I stayed at DAS for 2 months and my whole life has changed. I came to treat my breast cancer, I was very desperate when I arrived. I have gone through intense work physically and spiritually. I am the happiest person in the whole universe, because […]

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A.K., Germany

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Feb 172014

08. – 14. July 2013 Our birth is but a sleep and a forge thing the soul that rises with us, our life’s star, hath had else where its begething and cometh from afar. Not in entise forget fulness and not in with hathedness but trailing clouds of glory do we came from God, who […]

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R.W., Germany

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Feb 092012

07.February 2012 The ceremony was very strong and cleansing. I got some really good teachings, it was one of the most powerful experiences with Ayahuasca I ever had. The place is very beautiful and well organized. Thank you very much Percy! R.W. Germany

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Christoph Schmitt, Germany

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Feb 222011

Despues una viaje espiritual en Peru y Colombia por 3 meses fui a Percy por mi ultima semana para trabajar intensivo con Aya y los Dios y fuerzas de la selva. Durante mis ceremonias el efecto de Aya estaba solo suave, pero las noches en mi cabina estaban muy intensivos!! (Creo) mi cuerpo y alma […]

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