Estella, France

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Apr 172014

The medicine AYAHUASCA completely changed my life. I can finally understand myself, understand my body and my soul. I really felt connected to the nature surrounding us and I felt extremely confident in the DAS center. It’s a peaceful place and the people working there are all so kind! During the ceremonies I really felt […]

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Ben, France

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Apr 172014

I will never thank you enough for what he did for me. He knew how to guide me out of my expectations and preconceptions onto the right way and helped me open the door to a brand new world of happiness, energy, humility, health and knowledge. This is the last contact I had with Ayahuasca […]

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E.G., France

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Jul 102011

Hi Percy, yesterday night, I was feeling much cooler than the night before. And it was the next episode of my fear. I learn that we have to share and do not have fear. I have the key in my mind to open the gate with you of course to help me which will help […]

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Remy, Paris, France

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Jan 172011

There is so many things to tell about my experiences… I learnt about love, respect, compassion, about myself! I am born again, I am right now a new man who can love again… and be loved! A very special thanks to Percy who had secured me, loved me and shared some really pwerful energies for […]

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Raphael, France

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Jan 172011

Hola Percy ! Espero que te encuentres bien y que sigues curando las almas. En algunos meses regresare en Iquitos. Raphael, France

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