J.R., Canada / Colombia

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Oct 182012

I came here to find who I was and what my purpose in life was. My ego kept trying to analyze the experience and judge (trying to control the situation). It’s funny, you will soon find that you have little control, the plant will show you whatever it needs to show you. The experience might […]

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L.R., Canada / Colombia

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Oct 182012

My journey started here in DAS when my brother told me about Ayahuasca a month before we our travel plans. At first I didn’t think much about it, my brother put me on a diet and I followed it most of the time with some interest. When we actually got here and began to experience […]

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Fabian, USA / Colombia

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Jul 132012

I am very grateful for the DAS center. There is a beautiful sturdy tree in the property that sheds its skin periodically. I feel like that on ceremonies I participated in within the span at eight days have made this possible for me. The whole experience has been infused with a purity, power and wisdom […]

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KB, Colombia

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Jul 092012

Aca ha sido mi primera experiencia con este mundo. La primera ceremonia fue muy leve pero no fue tan mala. Un poco de malestar ardor en mi estomago mareo nausea y poquito de vomito y un poco mas de diarrea tuve dos pequenas visiones algo leve pero muy bonitos. Pero el sentido auditivo fue muy […]

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TH, Colombia / Belize

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Jul 092012

After experiencing a week at DAS, I must say that it has been very positive, Percy has a tremendous talent for channeling energies and directing healing and loving energies into one through his icaros. Not everything is easy and one must go through an initial period of cleansing a great deal of psychological and physical […]

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