Kylie, Australia

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Dec 312014

Where do I begin? I came to Iquitos 2 weeks ago to attend another centre to help me to heal an addiction. My time lasted 9 days at this particular centre and I decided to leave and head home after feeling very dissatsified. I some how came accross the name Percy Garcia DAS and I […]

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Lisa, Australia

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Dec 312014

This was my last ceremony ofter being in Iquitos for two weeks at another centre. This was by far the most profound. The medicine was extremely powerful. Percy  is a wonderful shaman, I’ve never felt so supported and cared for as I did during that ceremony. The work he does is truly amazing. This is […]

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Craig, Australia

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Sep 252014

I had a fantastic time here and Percy and all the staff have been amazing. I appreciate all the love, support, healing I have experienced here at DAS. Great medicine, people atmosphere, a truly healing experience.

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Clay, Australia

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Sep 252014

The fantastic is what I experienced here @DAS. I had done Ayahuasca before,but this was a massive step up in both ceremonial experience, and the absolute love. Attention and gudance by Percy and his helpers. I want to be as honest as I can, as real as I can. Being here has made a huge […]

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Rafe, Australia

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Jul 282014

I had an amazing time at the DAS healing centre, absolutely life changing. The love, compassion and focus on healing is owerwhelming. Percy provides a beautiful safe feeling during the ceremonies where true healing can be found. His insight and detaited personal attention really helped. I had never done anything like this before in my […]

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Ricky, Australia

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Jun 242014

A true blessing on my life to have found DAS. Percy and all his staff have been so kind, generous supportive in the most humbling ways. So happy to continue my work with the plants here, my first time drinking in Peru ….. seeking a shift from my old lifestyle into the new, living from […]

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Michelle, Australia

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Apr 032014

Muy muy muy gracias! This place is amazing. Very special. Percy has founded a beautiful space to come heal, reset. Thanks to Raul, Lastenia,Wellington and all the staff for bringing the smiles and offering such wonderful support through a transformative time. I know that I was safe at DAS, as Ayahuasca was challenging for me, […]

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Jeff, Australia

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Mar 142014

Thank you Percy and Raul for your care and guidance through this interesting week. It has been very peaceful and I have enjoyed my time here. There were some painful moments, it was all part of the process. I feel strange and clear now, knowing I may return again. This place is fantastic and I […]

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C.B., Australia

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Mar 072014

Thank you so much for this beautiful space you have created, and the opportunity to escape from the world. I have only been here 6 days but have learnt a lot about myself through the ceremonies and the time for self-reflection. I will definitely return one day in order to heal some more, and take […]

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Aaron, New Zealand / Australia

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Mar 032014

As last time I came, Percy and the staff opened up their hearts to a safe and warm experience. Beautiful icaros set the scene for a tranquil experience. Battle with my own thoughts has been a challenge and I have tormented myself as I struggled and learned from my experience. This was my second time […]

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