Payment terms


To book a cabin for your retreat, please write an e-mail to Percy with the exact dates of your arrival and departure.

Please make a deposit of 50% of the price before you come to the center, to assure the confirmation of your reservation. The final installment is at the arrival to the center.

You may make a 50% deposit using Western Union, OR MoneyGram with the following data:
– address: Putumayo 1710, city: Iquitos,
– state: Peru.
IMPORTANT: you’ll receive a code / reference number; please send this code to Percy’s e-mail, together with the following information:

– full name of the person sending the deposit
– amount of deposit
– city and country from which you are sending the deposit.

He may only receive your deposit using this information. Please note that the money transfer fee is your cost.

We recommend you to bring some cash. There are ATMs in Iquitos, but if you have a limit on the daily withdrawal, it may sometimes give you a bit of trouble. If you decide to bring cash, bring the nicest, crispiest and newest bills – the standards for quality of dollar bills here are extremely exagerated. They won´t take a bill if it has a super tiny tear or if it´s old, or if it´s rugged.

Please note also that payments will not be refundable. We therefore recommend that you take travel insurance – we can not refund payments if your trip is cancelled or shortened due to unforeseen circumstances.

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