R. W., Germany

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Jan 012015

We wanna thank Percy and the crew for this extraordinary and wonderful experience! We are a couple entering the center without any expectations, let’s say almost blind, and leaving DAS renewed and full of conscienceness.

Hawing received our individual healing, we also got answers to our personal questions concerning our life!

Now, our spiritual journey started and will be continued.

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Kassandra, Canada

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Jan 012015

Thank you to everyone at DAS healing center for this truly healing experience. I feel so blessed to have met our mother and reconnect with my true spirit. The medicine was very loving and gentle and successful in showing me the simplicity of everything I needed to know – which is to enjoy this life here as a child of the earth and to play in the blissfulness of her beautiful manifestations. I am so happy to receive this message and am infinitely grateful to Percy  for delivering these ceremonies in such a loving and caring matter – truly letting the spirit of our mother work through him to heal us. Thank you for the beauty and serenity of the jungle and the spirit kindness of every person at DAS .

I am so grateful for the purity and kindness of Percy’s spirit. I am so happy for his presence here on earth as a healer and to hold a safe beautiful space for other beings to heal.

With infinite love and gratitude.

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L.R., Canada

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Dec 312014

Thank you so much Percy, Josue and the wonderful staff at DAS for saving my life, for healing, protection and showing me so much love and affection during my stay. I’m forever in debt!

I stayed at DAS for a little over two weeks, participated in 8 ceremonies. I had done 24 ceremonies prior to this dieta, which prepared me for the profound experience at DAS. In short what I experienced was  a rebirth of my true myself, realization of my mission on this planet and there is no other shaman who could’ve accomplished the miracles Percy performed on me during my short stay. He stayed in the maloca after every ceremony all night to ensure my safety and protection. The power he unleashed healed every fiber in my body.

His voice is so soothing and deeply healing, even though I don’t speak Spanish, I could listen him for hours. The dieta food was absolutely delicious, Rosa prepared every meal with so much love.

I am so deeply touched.

Muchas gracias to everyone at DAS, full marks for a 5 star service. Looking forward to returning next November and every year after.

Lots of love.

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Kylie, Australia

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Dec 312014

Where do I begin? I came to Iquitos 2 weeks ago to attend another centre to help me to heal an addiction. My time lasted 9 days at this particular centre and I decided to leave and head home after feeling very dissatsified. I some how came accross the name Percy Garcia DAS and I could not leave without giving this centre a try. That was the best life changing decision I could have made. One night and one ceremony has changed my life. Percy Garcia and his staff and his medicine were truly amazing. I feelt that I was healed in one night. I highly recommend Percy to everybody.

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Lisa, Australia

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Dec 312014

This was my last ceremony ofter being in Iquitos for two weeks at another centre. This was by far the most profound. The medicine was extremely powerful.

Percy  is a wonderful shaman, I’ve never felt so supported and cared for as I did during that ceremony. The work he does is truly amazing. This is the third centre I have drank Ayahuasca at and I now know in my heart that I will never again drink the medicine with any other shaman in Iquitos.

I have so much love for Percy and the staff at DAS and I intend to spend more time here in the future. Definitely the most transformative,the changing experience of my life.

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Dec 312014

I stayed at DAS for one night, and truly hope to come back for a longer stay soon. Percy does amazing work, and he provides a safe and welcoming environment for those who wish to learn through his medicine. I did a week long dieta before arriving, and feel that this had a terrific effect on my experience.

There is no way to explain or put into words what happened to me. I  seemed to undergo the experience of dying and being born again hundreds of times throughout the night. Parts of the experience were extremely frightening, but underneath everything I felt safe and looked after by Percy and Josue.  The songs Percy and Matilde sang were amazing – the woman had an other worldly voice.

After the medicine had done its work, I was overtaken by a deep sense of tranquility peace and understanding. This was a transformative experience and I hope to return to DAS center when life leads me back to Iquitos.

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S.K., Puerto Rico

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Dec 312014

Mi experiencia en el centro DAS ha sido una de gran aprendizaje personal y espiritual. Mediante la dieta y los espacios de quietud he trabajado en reestablecer balance en mi mismo. Las ceremonias con la medicina Ayahuasca tambien han servido hacia el mismo proposito pero de una manera completamente deferente: han retado el balance diurno a raiz de la intensidad inherente durante las experiencias con ella. Consecuentemente estas han servido como un reflejo de las situaciones que ocurren en la vida y cambian los balances establecidos.

Durante esos procesos entonces han venido los verdaderos retos para mantener o volver a llegar a un balance entre mente, cuerpo, corazon y espiritu. Con la ayuda de Percy y de mis disciplinas de contemplacion, meditacion y oracion entonces pude trabajar en esta tarea que tiene gran relevancia para el regreso a mi vida habitual. Comprendo que ambos gozo y adversidad enfrentados durante mi estadia aca me sirven como representaciones de las altas y bajas de la vida. Entonces el proceso de balances de mi vida en este centro DAS me enseña a continuar desarrollando herramientas para hacerlo fuera de aqui.

Gracias Percy, al personal del centro DAS. Rezo y deseo que continuen su humilde trabajo para asi seguir ayudando a los participantes de su programa a conectar con sus propias esencias y asi poder ser mejores personas.

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Craig, Australia

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Sep 252014

I had a fantastic time here and Percy and all the staff have been amazing. I appreciate all the love, support, healing I have experienced here at DAS. Great medicine, people atmosphere, a truly healing experience.

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Giuseppe, Italy

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Sep 252014

La experiencia  que he tenido en el centro DAS fue de haber tenido una aventura atravez de un mundo magico. Este mundo existe en mi interior y mis exterior, en mi cuerpo y en mi corazon en mi alma, en mi alrededores; en la naturaleza, los cosmos, los seres humanos y en la entidades sutiles: Que no estamos acostumbrados no estoy acostumbrado a perceiver.

Quizas las plantas maestras, como el Ayahuasca, la hacruna y otras son ventanas y puertas que te lleven directamente en este mundo sutil. Magico, energetico, onirico, efimer y real. Es descubierto que la lesion mas grande fue el amor para todos los colores que la vida nos brinda. gracias maestros: Percy, Matilde y Madre Ayahuasca.

Que los Dios los bendiga

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Marsha, New Zealand

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Sep 252014

Wow ,what a journey!!!! This is my first time with the medicine. I’ve been here for a week now. How I found this place I still don’t know, but I believe that mother Ayahuasca itself found me, brought me here to this center. Percy and his staff are amazing, very gentle loving. Percy’s energy is shining straight from the heart.

I build this deep connection with nature,universe. I’ve changed my ways for the greater good. Truly I’m for ever grateful for the work that is done here. And I’ll keep coming back to this center. Thank you!!!!

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