Facilities and Accommodation



The entrance to DAS center is 30 minutes walk from the El Triunfo village. Entrance is on the right side of the trail and is clearly marked.







Is arranged by the creek which runs through the center. Bathing aea is where we you may take your everyday personal baths. Once tried bathing in the creek, bathrooms forever loose their charm.

We also take flower baths here before every ceremony.










We have two separated kitchen: first is a kitchen where your meals are being cooked, and second is where your dieta medicine will be prepared. Drinking water is pre-treated and delivered from Iquitos.







Ceremony temple in DAS is built above the creek which gives ceremonies unique energy. Although the number of guests rarely exceed 10 people for the ceremony, maloka may easily accommodate up to 30 people. Maloka is screened by mosquito netting.











In the middle of the center you’ll find common space with books, yoga pads and hammocks, where you may observe diverse life of the jungle (especially birds), rest or socialize with other guests.

In this area we also do personal healings with sananga, kambo and rape.













There are 12 huts in DAS, all are screened by mosquito netting. Each hut has it’s own private toilet, and may accommodate one or two people. Comfortable beds are protected with mosquito nets.






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