About Percy Garcia Lozano


My name is Percy Garcia Lozano, I was born on the 7th of September 1973 in the community of Aucayo, located 2 hours from the Port of Mazusa (Iquitos), navigating through the waters of the Amazon River.

From the age of 10, I learned my knowledge in Curanderismo from my grandfather and teacher Enrique Garcia Mozombite, inheriting his knowledge and tradition. With Ayahuasca ceremonies and the use of natural medicine, using medicinal plants properly harvested in my personal botanical garden, I am a naturist doctor who masters this science and knows the secrets of the mysterious jungle. Since the beginning of my journey, I have respected very strictly my diets and my ethics as a healer, and by this I have been able to make a direct connection with the Mother Spirit of different plants; my spiritual doctors. My code of ethics towards my participants and in my life is very strict; the rules are very delicate and very straight. My work as Curandero can be summarized in 3 points: 1.- Respect for the participant. 2.- Respect to God, to Mother Ayahuasca and to Mother Nature. 3.- Respect to the dietas.

Now I’m also fulfilling a very important role: passing my experiences and knowledge of traditional natural medicine to my students. I also dedicate my work to heal people who come with different types of illnesses: alcoholism, drug addiction, psychological traumas, cancer among others, etc. with much humbleness, devotion and dedication. Because of my efforts and strict diets, I am able to act as a guide for people to find health in the spiritual world. My role in healing is to be an intermediary of a Divine healing: God, Mother Ayahuasca/Nature and my Spiritual Doctors are the healers that are expressed through my humble work.

The focus and intention of my work is HEALING and the integration of the participant with the spiritual world. My medicine Ayahuasca is prepared with different plants to treat several illnesses under the direct supervision and request of my Spiritual Doctors. My work is not focused only to produce visions, but to help the participant to find physical health, peace and harmony in her/his personal life. In the Spiritual Healing Center Dios Ayahuasca Sanaciones I work in this context to help each participant to achieve what they need.

I am currently also working with Shipibo healers (curanderas) to help complement masculine and feminine energies.

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