About us

Dios Ayahuasca Sanaciones (DAS) is a spiritual healing center where the sacred medicines  Ayahuasca, Kambo and Rapé (Hapé) may be experienced in a safe, supportive environment with experienced healers. The work in DAS is based on ethics, humility, respect and responsibility. Our aim is to support the process of healing on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Our guests will be able to awaken their inner power and understand their true human nature; making their light shine as they come into contact with their truth, and discover deeper meaning in their lives.

Besides three ayahuasca ceremonies per week, shamanic healing at Dios Ayahuasca Sanaciones (DAS) is supported by dietas with different medicinal plants and/or other healing work (kambo, rapé (hape), bone setting etc.) the client may need.

DAS is owned and managed by Percy Garcia. Percy continues the family tradition of shamanic healing work, conducts ceremonies, and oversees the healing and dieta process of each guest. He works with small groups which rarely exceeds 12 people. During ceremonies the facilitator and/or students make sure participants are safe and looked after.

From September 2018, Erika Oblak is in DAS on full time basis. She has been leading ceremonies since 2012. Erika speaks four languages: Slovenian, English, Spanish and Serbian.

Our consultant Mina Pas (psychotherapist and M.D.) works with us to assess your health status and potential risks before arrival, and may support intergation after you return home.

Dios Ayahuasca Sanaciones (DAS) offers


Ayahuasca ceremonies

Ceremonies are on Mondays,
Wednesdays and Fridays. Flower bath is before each ceremony.


Plant dietas

We have numerous plants
for healing and
learning dietas.



Once a week a ceremony with kambo, an immunity-boosting frog medicine, a treatment for chronic pain and drug dependence. 


Rapé (Hape)

Tobacco snuff is supplemented with other healing plants. Rapé is blown into the nostrils with a special blowpipe.



Without salt, sugar, hot spices, fat, alcohol, fruits, dairy products, meat. It consists of grain, legumes, vegetables, and eggs.


Ceremony temple

Built above the creek, gives ceremonies unique energy. May accommodate up to 30 people. Screened by mosquito netting.


12 Private huts

All screened by mosquito netting, each has its private toilet. It may accommodate one or two people. Comfortable beds with mosquito nets.

Common area

Separate building with books, yoga pads and hammocks, where you may rest or socialize with other guests.



The bathing area is by the creek. Once tried bathing in the creek, bathrooms forever lose their charm.



One for cooking meals, second for preparation of dieta medicine. Pure drinking water is delivered from Iquitos. 


Electricity and internet

DAS doesn’t have electricity or interent. We prefer a peaceful space without outside distractions. For any emergency at home use our e-mail and phone.



DAS has a guardian surveillance 24 hours a day, all days.
We have basic First Aid kit.